Supply Only vs Fitted Composite Doors

When it comes to purchasing a composite door for your home you have two main choices: supply only composite doors vs fitted. Now, as a homeowner you may be wearing a slightly confused look at this point, having already stumbled upon some confusion as to what the key differences are between the two types mentioned above. Fear not, for one you are not alone in being confused by this dilemma, in fact we speak to homeowners each and everyday who don’t know the differences between the two and that is the very reason why we have put this resource guide together. 

On this page we’re going to breakdown the key differences that exist when it comes to purchasing a composite door for your property and in the process helping you make the correct decision for your home.

The fact you’re here means you already have a good idea as to what a composite door is, if you don’t then you can head to our dedicated guide on the topic. Once you have an understanding on why composite doors are the leading type of front door on the market, and most likely why you continually see your neighbours go for this type of door we can jump ahead to whether you should go for a supply only front door or whether and fitted composite door makes more sense. 

To simplify the differences between the two types, the key differing factor relates to installation. Supply only doors relate to composite doors that can be ordered from reputable retailers (hint hint, such as Composite Door Experts) whereby the only item you’re purchasing is the door itself, this means installation isn’t included, nor are any unnecessary add ons.

Fitted composite doors on the other hand are those that are purchased with installation included. Sounds simply right? Well, that’s because it is, on the surface. However, what you need to be cautious of is rising costs when purchasing a fitted composite door. Yes you may be getting the whole package included, and as a result less worries but this service option can also come with spiralling costs, for example how much exactly are you being charged for installation? And is this cost more then if you were to find someone yourself to fit your new front door. Not only is this an issue but you also need to consider who will be carrying out the installation, are you able to read reviews of previous jobs they have carried out? These are all factors you need to bear in mind when purchasing a composite door and hopefully this article guide has helped to describe the key differences and choices you have to make. 

Considering fitting your bespoke composite door yourself? Many supply only doors do come with a free fitting kit but we would always recommend having a professional carry out the job. 

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