How Long Does it Take to Fit a Composite Door

With any sort of home renovation projects, as a property owner you’re likely concerned with how long the changes are going to take.

Let’s face it, no one likes change and we particularly don’t like disruption to our homes or property. When it comes to fitting a composite door the time it takes largely depends on who is carrying out the installation, for example have you purchased a supply only composite door and are carrying out the fitting yourself or have you hired a specialist to do it for you? Don’t worry we will ease all of your concerns in the following guide. 

Your home should be somewhere to retreat to after a busy day at work, knowing you will be able to relax and rest before going again the next day. That’s why any sort of home improvement project is most likely entered into with a tinge of doubt and hesitation, particularly when you’re changing something as important and big as your front door. 

Not knowing how long a change to your front door is going to take is obviously not only a little scary but also a slightly annoying as well.

Firstly you have to consider your security, replacing your front door is obviously a huge security concern. You’re going to need to take out your old front door and install a completely new one. This could mean a small window or period of time when you have no front door at all, what can be done to ensure security and prevent burglaries or pets from escaping?

This leads on to our next point, although it is likely you will hire the services of a professional to replace your front door, you will more often than not have to be present at your property while the changes are being carried out. This is Ok if you’re lucky enough to work from home but for the rest of us not such a simple task. Do you need to book a days holiday from work? Will it even take that long or could an afternoon off work suffice? 

All of these questions likely lead on to the main issue at hand here, how long does it take to fit a composite door? Luckily as specialists in the industry we’re well placed to answer that query for you. Fortunately it doesn’t take too long to install a new composite door, for a trained specialist it should take 4 hours to fit and install a composite door.  

This should mean you only really need to take half a day off work to be present to help with anything that needs doing and to maybe clean up some of the mess after and to ensure your property returns to the shape it was in before the installation. Want our advice? If you’re spending on the more on a bespoke composite door then we highly recommend you leave installation to a trained and qualifed professional.

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