Composite Door Designer

Designing your own front door has never been easier. Using the design tool above you can create a bespoke composite door for your home in a matter of minutes, customising everything from the colour of the door right through to made to measure features and glass. Please bear in mind that at the moment all our of doors are supply only, however there is the potential opportunity to fit and install in Essex and London areas. If you have any questions regarding our online door designer please get in touch –

Why Design Your Door with Composite Door Experts?

  • Our easy to use door designer includes the whole Door Stop range meaning you literally have billions of combinations available.
  • Save on costs by taking advantage of our trade discount.
  • The whole process can be handled online, effortlessly.
  • Delivered anywhere in the UK.
  • Made to measure, designed perfect your fitting specifications.
  • All bespoke composite doors designed using the only tool are of a extremely high quality, long lasting and secure.

Finding the right front door your property is one of the most important decisions you have as a homeowner. Not only is your front door the first part of your house that visitors will come into contact with but it is also an aspect of your property that may be targeted by thieves and unwanted intruders as well so ensuring your front door is as secure as possible should be a key consideration.

First Impressions

Your front door can go a long way to transforming the exterior of your property. As the leading choice of front doors in the UK, bespoke composite doors are an excellent choice for ensuring the exterior of your home stands out and setting the right first impression. We all want a property that conveys the warmth and love of a family home and by designing your own composite door you can ensure every aspect matches your exact individual tastes.

Not only is style important but you can also increase the security of your home with additional features and the latest technology that can make your home far more secure, offering peace of mind and comfort to your home life.

Bespoke Features

The ideal way to ensure your front door really is one of a kind is to design it yourself. If this is the choice you decide to make for your home then it is important to understand how exactly you can customise the features and style of your composite door. In total there are over 900 billion types of composite door waiting to be designed!

To offer some help we have broken down the seperate components of a composite door that can be designer in a bespoke nature to ensure you end up with a front that is totally yours:

Overall Style – In total there are over 25 ‘styles’ of composite doors so finding a door to fit the appearance of your property as well as match your individual tastes should be more than achievable. You can customise a number of features related to the style of your composite door including side panels, glass options and hardward – handles, letter box etc. To explore the full range use our composite door designer above to find your ideal front door.

Colour – When it comes to choosing the colour of your composite door it really can be as bespoke as you like. There are currently 13 varitations of composite door colours for you to choose from with three new colours: Poppy Red, Duck Egg Blue and Black Brown, adding to an existing ten: White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak, Darkwood, Cream, Grey and Chartwell Green.

As well as this there are 9 choices of frame colours: white, mahogany, cherrywood, oak, white grain, brown–black, grey, cream and chartwell green to match your new door colour.

Security Features – As already outlined above, a bespoke composite door can improve the security of your home with additional features and the latest innovation. This includes keypads and fingerprint access to ensure you and your family are the only people who can successfully open your front door while spy holes and security chains can also add another level of protection to your property.

You can use our composite door designer above to find the perfect style for your property.