Oak Composite Doors

Composite doors are one of the most customisable features of your home. The sheer nature of a composite door means nearly every aspect can be changed depending on your personal taste and the specifications of your property. This is especially true for the colour you choose for your front door. With a range of different

Green Composite Doors

A green composite door can be a modern and stylish addition to any property while still maintaining an elegant and traditional appearance. Green composite doors are now one of the most popular choice of front doors within the UK, often outperforming other alternative door types including timber and uPVC in terms of style and security.

Red Composite Doors

A red composite door is an excellent way to add a real statement piece to the exterior of your home. The bold yet stylish choice of a red composite door really does add a touch of class to the look of any property and  make a real difference to a transforming a normal home in
There are many differences in opinion as to whether or not homeowners can paint their composite door. With many differing blog posts and forum entries on the matter we want to clear up all this conflicting information. If you’re just looking to retouch your composite door rather than repaint it we recommend a touch up
composite door colours

Composite Door Colours

Composite doors come in a variety of colours meaning you can create a bespoke look perfect for your property depending on your individual taste and style. Customising the look and style of your front door by choosing a colour according to your personal taste and your property’s interior and exterior has never been easier. The

Black Composite Doors

Back composite doors have a unique style of their own. The dark finish gives your front door a modern yet classic look meaning this style colour door suits both modern and traditional properties. If you are looking for something a little different yet not too far ‘out there’ then a black composite door may be

Grey Composite Doors

Grey composite doors can add a real sense of style to your property, complimenting to exterior to your home while standing out in a unique way with a modern grey finish. With a revival in recent years, grey is now the colour to have in your home however this doesn’t have to apply only to

White Composite Doors

White composite doors are an excellent way to add a touch of style to your home. The clean and elegant look of a brand new composite door really can add a layer of class to the look of any type of property and you should certainly consider a white composite door when looking for a